..... to my website the purpose of which is to display some examples of my work in the general field of architectural illustration.

The samples range from artist's impressions depicting proposed developments through simple property portraiture to conceptual imagineering and wall art on general architectural themes. 

For the artist's impressions, the use of traditional perspective and rendering techniques - largely  in pastel - along with special attention paid to the spirit of place for any given project provides certain benefits over those associated with more conventional computer imaging. The clearly "handmade" picture carries with it timeless empathetic qualities which can have a significant bearing upon sensitive environmental communications and concerns. 
Where applicable, savings in cost over digital solutions will often be substantial and the finished image will inevitably convey a softer, more personable, more humane impression to planning authorities, developers, funding organisations or building owners, users and the general public.
My extensive architectural background ensures a complete understanding of all relevant issues whilst enabling me to produce convincing imagery at all stages of the building design process from early concept to finished design.

In terms of property portraiture any existing building - a family home with good memories for instance, a holiday home, even a view from a window - can be made into fine art and framed for hanging in the original or conveniently printed in the form of greetings cards or personalised stationery.

I will be adding new images to the site as time goes by. There is contact information at the end along with a brief cv so do please get in touch if you would like to see more or if you wish to discuss a particular project. In the meantime...no bells, no whistles, no singing or dancing...just pictures...made by hand...


top left: one of series ( see page fifteen)

top right: development proposal at leeds university